We all know that Red Square is located by the walls of the Kremlin in Moscow, and that the Kremlin is the residence of Vladimir Putin. But what do you think, are there many kremlins in Russia?

This year we devoted a gallery to the Hermitage Museum’s permanent residents. Yes, the Hermitage is home to an entire family of...


This event changed Soviet life in the 1960s. It was reflected in architecture, film, music and children's cartoons. It altered the design of vacuum cleaners, stamps and watches. We dedicated a longread to it. What was it?

Take a look at these flowering fields of lavender stretching as far as the eye can see. Where could it be?


It’s impossible to even try to understand the “mysterious Russian soul” without the help of Russian poetry. Guess which Russian poet was born in Leningrad 75 years ago, lived in the Russian north, moved to Austria and then the United States, won the Nobel Prize for Literature, fell in love with Venice and lies buried there. Any ideas?

It’s all about recycling these days — even the names of cities and countries aren’t immune. The US has its own Georgia and St Petersburg. But which country does not have a place called Moscow?

On the topic of Moscow, it would be amiss not to mention the world-famous Moscow Metro. What can you not do in the Moscow subway?


If you remember our infographic, you can easily answer this question: How many people in Russia have never used the Internet?

Internet access is great. You can watch our video recipes from the Delicious TV series. What can you make from salted herring, mayonnaise, beetroot, potato, carrot, onion and eggs?